Sooo... I've sorta been in this stupid bender with a guy for YEARS now.
And yes, even if it took me a while to understand, he'll never be interested in a real relationship with me... But it still didn't hurt me to text every once in a while, in a middle of the night... No matter whom I was with or what I was doing.

I blocked him ever since. It's been like half a year after blocking, and a few YEARS after we broke up.
But I can't help but think about it. Sometimes, when I walk past his studio, sometimes, when I just wake up. It's him there, all the time, somewhere in my head.

One thing lead to another, not sure entirely why, of course I unblocked him. Yeah, right to stalk his new life, but n e v e r m i n d.

In, like, two hours I get a notification he followed me.

Two hours.

I have to somehow force myself to end this massacre.


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  • If you thought to end it then do it... It was your past... If your going to struggle so much in past then your present time n future time will massacre a lot... This is happening because you not able to take him out from you head or heart what ever you say it... Yes I agree that you spend some golden time with him but not n e more... It was beautiful dream you went through so think of coming dreams in your life which you want to live n enjoy... Move on

  • lol sounds like you need a distraction


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