WHAT THE F*** is going on here?

I’ve been dating this guy for some time and now I’m starting to feel like it isn’t worth anything. Every time I turn around there’s a disagreement and he makes me feel dumb and just not good enough, the things he says when he gets mad knocks me all the way down I mean it really makes me feel so low. In the beginning I was happy until we started having disagreements and I noticed the things he says when he gets mad, this isn’t really a question I just need to vent. I feel so dumb for even investing my time, I just feel like wtf if that makes sense lol. I feel like the ending is near and I am ready for it, sorry not sorry.


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  • Y sorry... It's good that you take step... Small request... Have a word with him once again before ending it... It should not b happen that he didn't knew what you was upto n you took decision.. n yes we should not loose our self respect which might happend in past... If person is dam cares for your thought or decision then y to give... So b happy the way you r... N enjoy this beautiful life


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  • Sounds like an abusive jerk. Letting it go on longer would only make it worse and harder to leave. End it while you can. Props for recognizing a bad situation, it's really easy to ignore the red flags.


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