Shy guy, never had a girlfriend?

I've always wanted a girlfriend, but I'm not confident to just walk up to a stranger, I'm never sure what to say. Had 0 luck with online dating. Almost never have a girl initiate stuff with me.

Every instance of a girl approaching me, often involves me holding no attraction to them physically, or more often their personality putting me off.

What can I do to find someone? I can answer questions ro clarify stuff if that helps, but no pictures


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  • Hey man, please don't make the same mistake I did.
    I am 26 and never had a date!
    Be confident, and go to the girls you are attracted to, if you don't you will miss out on a lot of things!

    • I'm never sure what to say, which often leads to me being boring

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    • Try it!
      Unless you live in a third world country, then it is a bit harder than that!

    • Thanks for the Mho, I am rooting for you man.

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  • If the girls that approach you aren't your type, you either need to work on your confidence and go up to the girls you want, or you need to better yourself in order to have more girls interested in you. It's also possible that your standards are too high, which is completely fine, but you'd need to accept the fact that dating will be a bit more difficult.

    • Standards aren't high. I'm not into big girls, and by that I mean obese levels. As an example, one girl was quite big and I wasn't attracted to her in the slightest, but we had a similar sense of humor which led to a lot of talking.

      As I enjoyed talking with her, I asked her out and we tried. Her date talk was pretty much all about food, and she grossed me over the course of the date.

      Most of the girls though weren't like that though, they we're just weird or creepy.

    • Standards don't only apply to physical appearance.

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  • Since you're in the similar situation I was in I'll tell you the story of my dating.

    Let me start by saying I was very shy. I'm not THAT shy no more, but still I wouldn't just randomly approach a girl, just because I like her. I could do it if there's some situational stuff going around, but probably wouldn't either, depends on my mood a little bit.

    Tell me if you want me to tell it, because it's gonna be long af, and I mean LONG 😂

    • Lets hear it

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    • Man, about you having just a few friends, I got like 20 people on my facebook friends-list and Im not really close with all of them. Aside of my girlfriend I spend time with 3 (4 at best) male friends, none of them have a girlfriend and 1 female friend. I also talk with the female friend I mentioned earlier but mostly on the internet, cause she lives in another town now.

      Don't tell me about not having friends when I have like 5. I don't even like most people 😂

    • I'm hesitant at it's viability at this point 😂 as I'm currently in a foreign country where I don't speak the native language

  • Start with making girl friends that you can gradually open up to and keep an open mind about starting a relationship. If you are not attracted to women you could be gay or asexual.

    • I'm not attracted to a few of the ones approaching me as they aren't my type.

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    • Mate, what are we supposed to say to you? I said get some friends, open up to them and practise on people who aren't going to make you feel insecure. Then practise approaching women you are into. I'm not a fucking magician. If you have a type and you are interested in women, you need to let that desire to be with them and get to know them, override your insecurity. If you are having serious issues with that though and friends aren't helping. There's also professional help.

    • Tried professional help, didn't work for me. Every time I approach a girl, if it ends up with friendship, it always turns out she has a boyfriend. The single ones are never interested in me, giving me the notion that I'm bad at the conversation / flirting. I'm trying, but failing.

      Apparently, some people have told me I'm too nice.

  • I'm 25 and me too, dude.


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