I hang out with my ex all the time, I even have keys to his apartment... But he doesn't want a relationship?

Long story short I dated my ex twice within the last year... Last time we broke up was Feb 2010, and he never really gave me a reason but just he needed his own time. Three weeks later he had a new g/f! Was I hurt, after he went on and on about how he could see himself living the rest of his life with me and how much he cared for me, none the less I was p*ssed. So we both had "other half's" but continued to keep talking to each other... Which then turned into having sex with each other any chance we got.. I moved away out west and blocked him from my phone to make a spoiled effort on my relationship but it didn't work out so I moved back and unblocked him and started talking to him again... Once again we were back it ranting about our ex's, but at this point my ex had hit me so I had broke up with him. My ex on the other hand still had his girlfriend... But ever since we broke up in Feb 2010 he will do anything he can for me when he can do and its the same for me I do what I can to help him... So he finally breaks up with his girlfriend and him and I have been hanging out... I have been staying there and he comes over to my place... Just recently I took his apt key ( he knew I had taken it) and when I went to give it back to him the next day, he gave it back to me, I don't get it. He said he didn't want a relationship... So wtf does that mean?


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  • He wants fwb, hook ups, causal, have his cake and eat it to...


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  • It means you should go out and find a new man and forget about this one. If you can't realize he doesn't care about you by now then I don't know what to tell you...

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