Does it matter about who (so famous to been on tv before) or what you know?

Like which famous person is married to who, what their kids names are. Knowing loads of different actors, (I mean I recognise their face and character names just not their names). I always get told I live under a rock and/or I need to get out more.

One example is xfactor they were doing this judge house thing and brought in a second opinion to judge the singing. It was Sharon Osborne turn and I had no idea who the two people on the couch were and then got told that they're Sharon's children. My friends were all super shocked that I've never heard of them before and I'm just like why's it such a big deal.

They also watch celebs get me out of here and I don't know a single person in it, same with celeb big brother and I knew one person (I think).

To me it all sounds like a mute point I don't really care about who goes out with who or anything similar to that.


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  • We all are living two or more life simultaneously. What everybody is seeing is your professional, social and family life. Public judge it in most case without telling anything. But most important is your personal life. You may have relation with some one, or you may be following some religious group or you may be supporting some political party and many things like it. Similarly everybody has their personal life and one should not interfere them - without any real concern for them. People famous on T V or media find it very difficult to hide from public and enjoy their personal life, and that is why some times they became harsh to public. Even if you are a good fan of someone - keeping distance is better. Personalty I do not pay any special attention to famous figures.


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