Why would the guy I was dating suddenly just stop talking to me like nothing?

okay so I met this guy who went to school with my best friend for YEARS. we hit it off pretty well and he asked me out...we both had so much in common. we both loved karaoke, both sang well, both love the same kind of food, same kind of music, movies...etc. so we started dating. he would text me ALL the time and would tell me how much he likes me blah blah blah. I found him to be the most attractive guy I have ever dated and he said he found me extremely attractive also. we never had a problem...never fought...never anything bad towards one another. he DID get out of a 5 year relationship about 6 months before we met...and I got out of a 2 year relationship a couple months before, but we still really...really liked each other. everything seemed perfect...then he started telling me he was falling for me and I was too. everything was perfect. then he got weird. we went on a sailing trip with friends and the whole time he ignored me. I didn't understand why and it hurt pretty bad. after that I tried to text him and call him saying he left his phone charger at my house but he ignored me...then he started posting like 5 days later his phone died and he didn't have his charger. I asked him on facebook "Do you want your charger or not?" so he told me to leave it on my porch and he will get it.

a few days later I messaged him asking why he hated me...he said he didn't hate me he just had a lot going on. well turns out he told my friend he didn't want a relationship..well then about a month or 2 later he meets another girl and they were official within weeks. but she is thinner than me...why would he do this? could it have been because he wanted a thinner girl? embarrassed to be official with a girl who is not stick thin? what else could it be? guys?

oh and we dated for around 4 months


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  • Could be anything maybe you were to much like the ex, or something else, doesn't really matter he's not into you that's all you need to know move on and find someeone else, you can't make someone like you or want to be with you, that's what dating is for...to find out if you want to be with them...


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