What does his behaviour mean? and why?

I used to date with that guy during 2 months. He always gave compliments and even said I'm his soulmate and he wants serious relationship with me. We used to go to cafes mainly for drinks and sometimes to restaurants. He used to pay for me stating he is a real gentleman. Despite I suggested to pay myself. During our last meeting at the coffee place he said that he doesn't have money on his account temporarily (he has a well-paid job) until his next salary which will be in 2 days. And he paid for my coffee that day. I don't know why didn't I suggest to pay for it knowing his situation, maybe I was just careless. But if he for example asked me to pay, I would definitely pay for the coffee myself. Also that day I told him that due to studies we could not go to the movies (as we planned), but I explained that I need to do lots of homework that evening for the next day. And it was totally true, I had to cancel it kind of unexpectedly even for myself. So next days he was not so talkative and short in his replies. and I felt he behaves kind of distant. And then in a couple of days he said he was going out (just 1 sentence) and later I asked him why was he so different after our last meeting. And he stated that he was angry with me that I didn't pay for the coffee and I cancelled our going to movies. I tried to convince him that I didn't do it intentionally but I guess he didn't mind, and continued behaving distant. so all that romance was gone. What do you guys think of his behaviour? I don't get it... I'm an open person and I told him even I'm sorry I was so careless about not paying that day.
What does his behaviour mean? and why?
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