I saw this beauty?

Today was my last exam and just in front of me towadrs the left i was in right side saw this beautiful wife to make girl sitting doing his paper she was looking at me I noticed, I had planned in my mind that i was gonna ask her for coffee after exam, she left half n hr early before paper ended I also had completed what I knew and was trying to pass time by guessing the answers of the questions I didn't knew. I just left after her we met in staircase i dont know why I fucked up didn't had the guts to ask she had her earphones on, and she went and I thought now I might ask her out but she met her friends and i met mine we stood together in same hall with diffrent friends but i definatly wanted to know her.


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  • She is married so stop

    • Wife to be made girl she is not married

    • Leave her

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