Should I... shouldn't I?

So I recently found my ex on tinder. Swiped right on him just to see if he does or not. 10mins after, I get a notification that we're a match. It's been like 6months since we called it quits. I kinda miss him... should I text or not?
PS- it has been a week since we matched.
PPS- him and I were seeing each other for a like 4months. I started developing feelings for him and I figured he did not feel that strongly so I called it quits before it got messed up. He wasn't a dick about it and we ended it on good terms but haven't had any contact since.
What should I do?


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  • worth persuing if you fancy a little fun but other than that you already know that as a relationship match you are flawed

    • Do you think he'd be weirded out if I text?

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    • @zepton fair enough. So considering he has not unmatched yet might mean something, right?

    • Yeah, I guess, could be he wants to get together again. Best of luck!

  • You shouldn't


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