Is this a good sign if a guy suggest this?

On a couple of occasions the guy I'm dating has suggested that I'd meet his friends such as one time when he suggested we could go out for drinks with his friends (but I debunked that because I felt we needed to get to know each other more) and now more recently he suggested going on a couple date to hang out with his friends and they would bring their girls.

He has told me he has said to all his friends that he likes me and he apparently talks about me. He has also introduced me to his parents who already knew who I was. Is it because he's serious about me and likes me or is it because he wants to show me off because I'm pretty (not my own opinion here at all on how I look, I personally can't stand my own face)
I think you all really came with some good answers and gave me some good insight :)


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  • Honestly? It's probably both

    He wants you to have the approval of his friend circle because he possibly trusts their opinions more than the family. Besides, he wants you to be able to trust him when he says that he's going to go hang out with Anderson or Harry, and he probably hopes that you will be friends with his friends, so he can have all of his favorite people in one place more often.

    Plus, even if you don't think you're hot, he obviously does. He wants to show off the person who puts the spring in his step and the song in his heart. Why would you want to deny him that? 😉😂


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  • I think he is really serious about the relationship with you if he has already introduced you to his parents. If a guy truly loves you, he wouldn't mind introducing you to his friends or family


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  • I think it's a sign of trust and maybe even some kind of deeper engagement.

    He's trying to share more of his life with you, to include you in his life ^^

  • I think its a bit of both. He could be serious about you and wants his friends to see the beauty that captured him.


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