Girls, She said she not looking for a relationship for a while but I'm not wasting my time with her what should I do?

Hey guys I need help with this situation I'm in its this girl I like and she likes me to we are in the talking stage and I really wanna be with her but she is so hard to read and I'm not really happy in my situation she just getting out of 4 or month relationship but she is kinda over him mostly from spending time with me she says she feels happy around me but nothing else she never calls me she always reply to messages hours late and she always sends one word messages Everytime it gets frustrating asl I don't know how she feels about or if she wants but Everytime were around friends we laugh and joke like always and she always bring scenarios about if we were together this would happen and that and it makes me smile and because I really like her a lot we go out on date but she doesn't really show intimacy that much not really hugs or likes to be close to around our friends but when we go out we have so much fun and we really are like a couple just we don't kiss it's hard for me to see where I stand with her because she doesn't show emotions to me and if I ask when will she open up shell say eventually or its gone to be a long road yesterday I told her I I'm serious about her and am I wasting my time on her and she said no but she wanted to be free for now I don't want keep pestering her about this especially if we only talk but I really wanna be with her I told her I would be there for her and she is worth the wait of opening up to me I tell her a lot of cute things how I'll be there for her and stuff either she says ok and that's it I just don't know what to do or how to deal with this situation I'm terrified she really doesn't want me or shell never want to date me or is just using me because I'm giving so much but getting very little In return I'm happy around her but I'm not all the way happy please help thanks for any replies


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  • Just my opinion, I think you should move on. As the signs you said above, she never calls you or just sends one word messages. Does she actually treasure you as you do to her?
    She gave you thoughts about you guys were together, but does she actually want to be a part of that irl or want to make it happen instead of just saying. Don't look at words, look at actions
    Maybe she feels lonely and wants someone with her, but not a relationship or boyfriend?

    • Yea she does day dream a lot but she a pisces so they all ways do that but we do see each other everyday and talk at school it's just when we are home she sleeps a lot but they way she texts me she does to everyone even our friends it's weird but as for me I don't know it's hard for me rn I just don't get what she wants I'm hoping she is not just using me

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    • Uhm I'm not really good at giving advice on that, so I'm not sure if I can give you the exact advice you need
      For not opening up, I think she feels uncomfortable about something

    • Probably I don't know what is tho I wish I knew

  • I'd move on. If a guy likes me but I don't want to let him down I'll try to talk to him but it's not very good conversation. She might need more time but I wouldn't wait

    • I really care for her I don't know what made her feelings change because before she dated her ex she used to like me a lot but I never knew until months later when they were official so it should be feelings there its just this opening up thing is a lot

    • You can lose feelings for someone after a few months. Her breakup may be impacting her but I'd say pull back a little until she figured things out. It's gonna hurt like hell but it's probably for the best

    • Yea maybe I should it hurts everyday

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