Am I wrong for wanting this?

I just wish my boyfriend was more romantic. Like I know they usually say guys aren’t as romantic as girls... but I know guys who are. He’s a very simple guy & that’s okay, I just wished the things I did for him he did for me. Surprise cards just with something I wrote saying how much I appreciate him with a flower & his favorite candy after he gets off of work. Little notes I always write him, or just baking him something he likes & giving it to him after work nice & wrapped. I don't know those little notes & cards mean something to me. Just hhow I love the idea of a surprise date. And his response was “does it really have to be a surprise” so I just simply said no it’s okay, he takes offense to a lot so if I when I told him can we do this more romantically he got upset and when I told him I want to have a really special day I said something so simple get rose pedals around the house, he loves candles I said light candles do it romantically he just really didn’t catch on to it. But what he did do that I appreciated was slow dance with me, I just wish I could get stuff like that more often. I don't know little things count to me not materials... am I wrong?
Am I wrong for wanting this?
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