How should guys know if they're tall enough to approach a certain girl?

Some girls want guys they're height or taller but more times than not girls have a specific height in mind.

I'm 5'6 and I tend to only ask out girls that are a head shorter to be on the safe side, but I've gotten the "but if I wear heels I'll be taller and you would be insecure about that" a few times.

I just wanna know which girls it would be a problem for before I waste both of our time.


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  • I know it can be hard because girls can knock you down but the more confident you are about your height the more chance you'll have. If you act like it's not a problem and can still be manly when your girl is taller than you then you should be pretty set. Go for any girl you want short or tall, just try your best to understand if they're still not interested.

  • If you have a confidence level that makes you act much taller than you are more girls will be receptive regardless of height. The good ones, at least.

    • So whats the confidence level to height ratio? Is this something girls actively consider when bring approached?

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    • There is no fool proof plan because each girl is different. Every person on this planet has their insecurities, and the goal of dating is to find the one who sees your insecurities and builds you up regardless of them.
      Guys and girls are entitled to being shallow, and it's good that those ones make it known to you so you don't marry someone who lives to bring you down. If you worry about fixing yourself to please someone else you will never find happiness. Improve yourself so you feel better about yourself and the right one will find you.

    • You unfortunately have to meet a few duds before you find a gem of a girl, bud

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  • Honestly I dont think you need to worry about height, I mean I wouldn't care if my girl was taller than me

    • I wouldn't either, but height seems to be a bit thing.

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    • You will never figure out their game, its a fact of life, all you have to do is find the right girl who doesn't judge you by your height, and trust me there are a lot of girls who dont, and have some confidence because there will be girls who say that, but fuck em, they dont matter, and if that still doesn't make you feel a little more confident dont go for girls who are shorter than you because they are probably the ones who want giants

    • How am I supposed to. be confident though? The girl above revealed girls can claim "I rejected him because of. his confidence level" but that could be a cover, like how do I get legitimate feedback?

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