How long should you know someone or be dating them before you get into a relationship?

Okay so we've know each other for two months going on three...we chat a lot via text MSG and also online do you think a relationship is too soon at this point?

Sorry I typed this on my phone thus the mistakes


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  • i don't think so...i started dating my boyfriend after like 2 months...

    we talked in person, sat next to each other every where...he texts and im's me nonstop ...the time he wakes up till I fall asleep

    but 2 months is good have all those days when you guys are finnaly in a relationship to get to know him...the bond would grow


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  • I don't think 2 mos is too early to decide to have a relationship if both of you agree. Apparently you get along pretty well and like each other. If you're both ready - go for it. Hugz.

  • No, that's not too soon. I would say any where from 2 and 1/2 months on is fine and wouldn't be consider as too soon. You should just feel comfortable and happy with just being with them and share some common interest & if you do, than just go for it =) best of luck

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