Should I date her?

I've been friends with this girl since high school. She was my ex gf's friend. Back in the day, i usually came to talk about my ex with her, so she was like my inside informant.

Even through college we still keep in contact, I came to her to seek advices about pretty much everything and she did the same thing to me. She's one of those friends who stayed objective and sometimes said the harsh thing even though I'm her friend.

Now, even though we live a different life, we still keep on talking and hanging out monthly with couples of friend.

We both singles and we knew each others stories. Lately our friends told me that there's a chance that she like me and they begin to matchmaking us, told us to hit it off and be a couple.

I've been thinking about it a lot but don't you think its not worth the risk? We've been friends for so long, I'm afraid we might caught on the bad side and ended up to be stranger again.

In my opinion, she is a lovely lady, smart and beautiful. She isn't exactly my type but if i met her on different circumstances, i might date her. I cherish her as a friend. Help?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Well you answered your own question, you said she's not really your type and you cherish her as a friend. and I MIGHT date her doesn't really sound convincing either so I wouldn't risk it

    • Thanks, but still with the circumstances i wasn't so sure about anything at this point.

What Guys Said 1

  • Why is it that so many people say things about the best relationships begin with friendships, I want us to be best friends and loves, etc., but then they freak out when they have an opportunity to have a relationship with a friend.

    You have to take a chance if you want to find romance!

    • I don't agree with the thoughts of best relationships come from friendships to begin with.

      I think you're right with the chances but being with friends mean itt will feel the worst if it doesn't worked out.

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    • Man, that I totally agree, I feared that one too. Of course its about regrets, both sides will have one. But in the end it would feel worse if I don't even try.

    • Exactly! So take a chance and be a hopeful romantic!

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