Do you think this'll work?

There's this beautiful and sweet girl I've been crushing on at work, she gets all the attention from the guys, and all that. I just don't got the nerve to ask her out for some reason, but we talk a lot and hang out at work. I'm a singer, and with Christmas coming, my boss is going to throw a party. I'm thinking of singing her a song to let her know that I like her. The song is "she is my dream" by the tads. What do you think?


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  • I'm definitely think that it will work, it will mean to her a lot. You can't lose anything if you try so go ahead and good luck😊


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  • I really don't understand where guys get all of these terrible ideas from. Sing her a song? Say what?

    You are under the impression that you have to buy her affection, or become a performing monkey to gain some points. Take a look at how all of the guys at work act around her, they very likely kiss her ass, flood her with attention, and place her on a pedestal.

    If you want to stand out, don't sing her any songs, don't be like all of the other guys. Treat her like she's a normal girl, flirt, be loose, have fun, don';t worry about the outcome. You are the prize, and she gets to enjoy the present. Do not place her above you.

    If anything, once she knows you are interested, just letting her have space... more importantly the space for attraction to grow, and for her to come to you is the key.

    There is no need for proclamations of love, show, don't tell. And by the way, that beautiful and sweet girl is just a human being...

    If you talk a lot, and hang out... but have never flirted, never built any sexual tension, have never teased her... then you are in the friendzone.

    • Basically said what I was thinking. Listen to this guy!

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    • Her playing the piano while you sing is completely different to you singing to her because she is not being placed on a pedestal. If that was your original idea, assuming you knew she could sing, then that would have been a good idea. It's also possible to create quite a lot of chemistry doing that together.

    • Sounds great

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  • Good luck buddy that's a really sweet gesture and will probably catch her eye. Hope you get her to go out with you


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  • Be careful of harassment

    • In this day and age there's no telling what people will do

    • Yep, I know a guy that was flirting with a girl at work, but she started to worry about what others thought about it... pretty soon all of that two way flirting became sexual harassment... he lost his job.

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