What’s a casual way of asking for their number?

I’ve known this guy for 14 years now. Senior year in high school and I have him on snapchat and other social media. I hate to sound like a stupid 21st century girl but how do I casually ask for his number in snapchat? Is it weird? Any tips at all please help!!


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  • What I saw girls do when they asked for my number over snapchat is they would snap me a pic, it would go back and forth, until she chats me and says " we don't talk much anymore" or "how are you? We should catch up some time!" Then when I answer, she'll proceed to say, "wait, I don't have your #. Give me your # so I don't have to constantly go on Snapchat to talk to you." It works all the time lol


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  • Just ask.

    • Would it come across that I’m into him? Should it be obvious

    • Not unless you do it in a very flirty or romantic way

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  • Strike up a conversation on Snapchat or other social media then stop replying then tell him the app is acting up and you think texts would be more efficient so you'd rather message him there instead.

  • Why do you want his number? Why can't you say whatever you want to say on social media?

  • Just straight up ask for it

  • I have a trick, that will sound pickup lineish, but, at the same time, will sort of wow him.

    This is what you do:

    Tell him you are able to get his number, not only by not asking him for it or having him give it to you without asking for it, but, using ONLY a calculator. Tell him to open his phones calculator, and ask only for his area code, that's all you need in order to figure out the rest.

    Have him type the first three digits of her phone number (not including the area code) into the calculator. So for example if the first 3 digits of his number are 333, have him type in 333, point is, only he can see his calculator, you're just telling him what to type in

    Next, Multiply that by 80

    Next, add 1

    Next, Multiply by 250

    Now have him add the last four digits of his phone number. For example: If the last four digits of his phone number are "4387," then you will simply add 4,387 to the current total. (Again only he can see his calculator, you're just telling him what to do)

    Next, have him repeat that step

    Next, Subtract 250

    Finally, Divide by 2, but to spice this last step up, do not actually tell him to divide by 2. Instead, ask to hold his phone to see the current number on the screen. Of course, it will be a large number with more digits than a phone number. Make it seem like you messed up and the number came out wrong.

    While he's laughing at your "failed efforts," discreetly divide by 2. This will cause his actual phone number to appear on the phone.

    Turn the screen toward him and smile.

    It's a little bit of a sleazy way, but, it works, trust me


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