Tell her my feelings before she leaves for a month?

We have not gone on a date or hung out one on one. Taking things slow. So she doesn't know my intentions BUT we have been texting.. a lot. and it's going really well. I plan on asking her out when she comes back in 5 weeks. But, should I tell her before she leaves instead?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Life is too short to wait. You're going to be upset with yourself and overthink things if you dont.

    Just let her know :) she will have plenty of time to think and take your feelings into consideration

    • I know you're right. But part of me wants to spend time in person together and not just in groups before reaaaly knowing that she is right. I wish i could just take her on a date but she is gone for 5 weeks. Might be best to just ask her out when she gets back in town...

What Guys Said 1

  • You should definitely tell her. That way she can think about you while she's getting railed by the soccer team.


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