How do I deal with this guy?

I met a guy who was really cute and we kissed after a few dates. I wanted to take it slow. I had told him before hand that my beliefs about sex were very conservative and I don't believe in pre marital sex (not for religious reasons it's just how I was raised) He hadn't said much about it then. Now he is telling me that I am childish for believing that and I need to grow up. We got into a fight due to that. I explained to him that I won't budge and will stand my ground so he keeps telling me that I should grow up and it's high time. Its disturbing me and messing with my emotions. I told him that we weren't compatible and we should part and he is mad at me. What should I do? He keeps telling me to mature and that I am wrong all the time?

How do I deal with this guy?
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