I've a question for the laddies need help?

So imma nerdy guy and I'm kinda shy and when I get a girl I always treat them as well as possible but a lot of girls would ignore me I'm bad at talking/texting can anyone help me talk and how would a phase I wanna kiss or cuddle a girl cuz I'm not really into sex I love cuddles tho


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  • Most girls your age and younger just want to be players. There are some woman they don't want drama and shit from people. I am happy being with werid boyfriend as me. # beoutheweridess


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  • No need to be too nice , what you won't do on a normal day, don't do it because you met a girl, beside those ones who left aren't good for you, they were possibly bitches and not the good ones

    • TBH girls are very slutty around here I always go for loner girls and ones that don't have friends since there usually really nice but I still get dumped after a month

    • Loners are just ladies in pause mode mostly of them not all, look for someone who share your interest in things it will make it easy, example crazy people don't live with sane people ,

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