I want to talk to her and get her Snapchat or something?

(Btw I'm 16, not 20, I don't know why my age is wrong) I know this doesn't seem like a big deal to many people and every guy gets nervous around girls they like but I'm socially anxious and I overthink everything. Not only do I overthink but I put people on pedestals, especially girls I like. They say if you don't have the confidence, fake it, I can fake the confidence but I can't fake the confident actions.

I want to get over my fears but I can't seem to stop procrastinating. I've liked this girl since the end of October and I haven't really done much but have small little conversations with her, that she starts. The only thing that I've done that was really out of my comfort zone was wave to her and she wasn't even waving to me. She said it was cute though. Everyday in my mind is "the day" in which I will start a conversation with her and ask her for her Snapchat or number. And when I'm at home, it's not a big deal for me... but once I'm in the moment, I start thinking about 6,000 things that can go wrong, 6,000 things that can go right, 6,000 ways she can respond, 15,000 ways I should do something. You get it. I really want to ask her tomorrow, but how will I muster the confidence in a day? I know it's as simple as just "Hey _____, whats your Snapchat?" but like I said, overthinking and procrastination take over big time.
I have a lot of chances too, it's not like I couldn't have done it already.


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  • I had the same problem when I was your age, I was very awkward and shy, but what I found was that girls are a lot more approachable than they seem. I'd suggest that next time you have the opportunity, bring Snapchat up in conversation (talk about streaks or something lol) and then just be like "oh, do you have Snapchat?" or something, and ask if you can add her. As long as you're friends she won't say no.

  • You can contact the admins here to have your age corrected.



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