Where did the tradition/social norm of men asking women out come from?

Where did it come from and what's it's purpose?


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  • Patriarchal society. And despite what another person said here, no, I don't want every single guy to ask me out. I'd be more than happy to ask a guy out. But sometimes, guys who are asked out by girls start to think they're easy or sluts because girls initiated it. When dudes are asked out, they literally lay back and do NOTHING instead of doing 50/50.

    This is why girls still prefer not to do it.


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  • male white supremacy... but guess what women still want that, cause they only cherry pick the things they don't profit from to abolish.


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  • Well the purpose is pretty obvious... So women go out with them

    • What I mean is why is it that men are expected to ask women out rather than men and women both ask eachother out?

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    • Holy shit, shut the fuck up with your condescending tone. It was a simple question. Either answer it or shut the fuck up.

    • Well I did answer in case you didn't notice

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  • From nature. Men have a predisposition to it, plus it benefits us.


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