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Me and my boyfriend broke up a week ago. I want to start talking to someone else but they are kind of friends and this person and doesn't want to be disrespectful. But in reality my ex actually doesn't like this person and never has, he just tolerates him because he has too. This person doesn't see that they aren't as good of friends as he thinks. And we only have a few more months of high school and they aren't going to see each other for years. I have always thought he was cute, but it has really hit me this last week how bad i want to be with him and i want him to give me a chance. Do i keep trying now? Do i wait around and try later? Do i just give up? PLEASE HELP!


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  • Hmm that's a tough situation, I would probably just be flirty with that person for a bit before things tipped over the edge. Then that person would more likely to be ok with thinking they are "betraying" that friendship (Which doesn't really exist)

  • Be single for some time dear... see what he is doing and if someone else is there in his life... if you take a first move then he can blame you, that he broke up because of you.


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