Girl I dated for 2 months left because of Visa expiration. Help?

I met this girl online, and we talked about a month before finally deciding to meet up (she told me she was afraid to meet someone until she was comfortable because she's not from this country). We hit it off and ended up going on a few more dates. We held hands and kissed throughout the dates, but that's all.

Her visa eventually expired around our 4th date, and off she had to go back to her home country. She told me to keep in touch. So, since then (July), we've talked everyday via texting and phone calls. I find it amazing that we've been able to communicate everyday without losing interest. She is hoping to have another tourist visa approved by this upcoming February or March, and she says she wants to continue where we left off before she had to leave.

I'm a little insecure, and I would like to know a few things: do you think she still likes me at all? How do you think she feels about me? I complimented her the other day, as I usually do, and she did say, "You're the most romantic person in the world, I think. :-)" So that's good, right?

I hope we can make it (continue talking long distance) until she arrives on her new visa!


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  • Hey sounds like she still like you if not she probably stop talking already


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