Trying to work out his behaviour?

So I met this guy maybe 2 weeks ago, started texting everyday and set up a date to go out. He seemed super nice, my type. So went out for like afternoons drinks and food at a place he pre picked etc so seemed pretty legit. He picked me up and tried to pay for everything but I insisted I paid my share. Date seemed pretty good, no awkward silences, we laughed, can't really think of much that could be a problem. I talk a lot when I'm nervous but I don't think it's extreme or anything. He offered to drive me all the way back home, which was 30 minutes away. He texted me that he had a great time etc. then the next day kinda seemed to be answering texts slower and now hasn't replied to a text that I guess doesn't really need an answer but obviously if you wanted to talk you would. So I figured maybe he wasn't actually into it? Then yesterday he requests to follow me on Insta, and I'm thinking like why is this guy semi ghosting me and then trying to get connected on more platforms. Am I reading too much into the texts or am I reading too much into the Insta thing. I just would expect someone to want to follow you on things if they didn't like your first date and don't wanna see you again? I'm confused


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  • Its the next day after a 1st date. I wouldn't read. to much into it.

    • No we haven't spoken for 3 days, it's now 5 days after the date

    • 3 days i wouldn't worry to much 5 days? Ehhh sounds like he is trying to either manipulate the situation but doing a bad job at it. Accept the follow just incase he messed up his phone. or something. But make sure you wait for him to make first contact.

    • Yeah I'm usually pretty good with letting them chase. He continues to just snapchat me? I swear snapchat and boys are like the Bain of my existence. I don't reply because they have been pretty general snapchats. I definitely won't make first contact.

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