For all the people going through a tough break up right now, can you tell us how you met your past exes and your current partner? Isn't it random?

For all the people going through a tough break up right now, can you tell us how you met your past exes and your current partner? Isn't it random?
They say all of the time that there are plenty of fish in the sea. They say that there is no such thing as a "soulmate" and that there are mutliple people in the billion populated world who could be the one for you.

I am going through a breakup right now. For a year I have been enjoying my single life and waiting to feel that weak at the knees heart throbbing moment of inspiration again... I haven't felt it.

But looking back, I also know that my next wife could be someone I already know and simply haven't seen her in a different hair cut yet. My next girlfriend could be some girl I bump into at a grocery store or something right?

Is it true that our lives change often times in the most random of circumstances? People like me who are hurting shouldn't despair should we? And maybe that lover that wasn't right for you 3 or 10 years ago is the right one for you at this stage in your life?

Please tell me and other people heartbroken how you met your ex and your current partner. Perhaps I am looking for inspiration and hope for myself and others.

I met one ex from high school, I met another ex on okcupid, I met another ex because her best friend was mad at me and I sought her for help. I met my last ex because we worked together, she was new to the area, we hung out after work and i kissed her on the mouth thinking it was a date.

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  • There’s really only been one ex worth mentioning. We met on ifunny and I know it’s crazy stupid, but it’s like fate brought us together. We talked for a few days on kik and then one night we called and it was the best conversation I had ever had with a random guy. I didn’t know what was gonna happen I didn’t know how it was gonna turn out. But we talked for four hours about nothing, but everything all at once. We talked for another couple weeks on snap chat and then he asked me out and I said yes. We were a few states apart, so it was a long distance relationship but to both of us it was the best relationship we had ever been in. We dated for about six months before he broke it off and that shattered me. It felt like my heart just shattered and fell apart. I cried every night for a straight month. Heart wrenching sobs. I could feel the physical pain.

    • I finally got to the point where I realized it was for the best and he and I talk to this day and I just hope for that day where I meet someone who can make me warm and fuzzy like he did.

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    • Gotcha. Same here. I also wish i was stronger and braver. More assertive and confident. I was afraid to talk about things that were wrong.

    • That wasn’t my problem.

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