Girls, Shy girl hates me... or does she?

So there’s this girl in school that after overcoming shyness, our friends publicizing is trying to start things and bugging us out, and hectic busy schedules, we were able to go out a few times, and after a while of talking everyday and what not hit me with the “friend” bomb. I felt like a moron and I wind up ignoring her out of heartbreak. Try patching things up but she never gave me a point to go off, we come back to school and she starts acting shy and acting like she doesn’t want to talk about it so I focus more on school, work, etc. I come back she acts all enthustic around our mutual friends, but turns it off when I’m in the room or I’m talking. I don’t know if she still has feelings or if I did damage to myself or she just hates me?


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  • just ask her stright


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