Should I move forward or give up?

Okay so I got this girl that I have been crushing on since last year. We are good friends and we know each other a lot right now. I am also friends with her friends and her friends are shipping us together. I opened up my feelings to her last month and she said that she already knew that haha. While we were talking to each other we are not that awkward. She also said that I am focusing on my studies right now. (Btw she is so smart) after that she said that " I got this guy that I have been crushing on. But please do not feel down about that because you are a good friend to me." I said that I respect her decision and asked her if I could wait and could also make efforts for her. She said "haha wow thats deep of course but please dont be so attached to me because you might hurt your feelings. And sure you can make efforts. But if you can't wait; you can also find another girls out there. You are not rejected okay." Then I said I am willing to wait for you even if it would take me years of waiting. SO MY QUESTION IS SHOULD I WAIT FOR HER OR JUST GIVE UP? I GOT FRIENDZONED BUT WE WERE NOT AWKWARD AFTERWARDS. (Btw her crush is not that close to her)
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What Girls Said 2

  • Sounds like you should move on. She friendzoned you and said "You are not rejected okay" which is basically "no offence, you're great, but I don't want to date you" in girl talk. She was trying to bring you down gently.

    • Thanks for that opinion. But I planned to not give up, would it be fine if I would give her a simple letter and cookies for christmas?

    • Will a girl like that?

    • "But you planned not to give up" So are you just going to wait when she's given you signs to move on? That's kinda creepy

  • Give up.


What Guys Said 1

  • Give up and find another girl bro

    • Thanks for the opinion, but is there any chance if I would push through?

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    • No sorry Im not a turkish speaker. But I could google translate it

    • Your nickname is turkish 😄. If come to your question, i think there is not chance. If she love nothing can stop her

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