I can't keep playing game with her. How do I straight up tell her about my feelings?

I know for a fact she used to really like me. At the time, i didn't realize and i liked other girls, and i think i hurt her when i didn't respond to her advances.

Now, however, I've gotten to know her much better, and I realized that i do like her. I started talking with her a lot more, and she still appeared to be interested in me.

I do knkw that she also liked a friend of mine during this time. He asked her out. She said she likes him but she doesn't think she would be a good girlfriend. she's also worried about when he leaves for college, which applies to me too.

Theyve stopped talking after that. I still talk to her, and she still seemed interested.
I asked her out and she said she loves me, im great to talk to, etc., but now isn't a good time for her. Maybe in a few weeks.

So now its been a month and a half. She will go hot and cold with me a lot. One week, she likes me, the nedt, she is distant.

Im at the point where i need to make my feelings known, but i do not want to come off as needy or desperate.

I do have other options, and she knows it, but i like her the most and want to give it a shot.

This is what i am planning on telling her, face to face :

Its been a while, and I like being friends with you, but I want us to be something more.
I was an idiot not to talk and get to know you better last year, and now I know how great a girl you are. I still want to go out on that date and give it a shot.
You know i like you, and i get things may be complicated and all, but I need to know how you feel...

So what response is this likely to evoke from her, and what else can i do to ensure i get the date?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe she doesn't want to be in a realationshiop at the moment which is why she is distant or she got tired of waiting but because your acknowledging that you should have gotten to know her better earlier she might give it a chance it 50/50 but GO FOR IT.. no regrets


What Guys Said 1

  • Make sure that you are the one that's taking up most of her time, not your friend. This way, you'll be the only one in her heart, and then just go for it. It's the best way, cuz even if she does say no, then you'll know that it's best to move on, cuz feelings like that don't normally change

    • Yeah. My friend stopped talking to her a long time ago.
      The thing was, she flat out rejected him, and yet she told me we could do something ina few weeks 'when the time is right'

    • Yeah so just wing it. Again, if it doesn't work for whatever reason, there are so many fish in the pond, and getting too attached to one before you even set the hook is too heartbreaking

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