I can't keep playing game with her. How do I straight up tell her about my feelings?

I know for a fact she used to really like me. At the time, i didn't realize and i liked other girls, and i think i hurt her when i didn't respond to her advances.

Now, however, I've gotten to know her much better, and I realized that i do like her. I started talking with her a lot more, and she still appeared to be interested in me.

I do knkw that she also liked a friend of mine during this time. He asked her out. She said she likes him but she doesn't think she would be a good girlfriend. she's also worried about when he leaves for college, which applies to me too.

Theyve stopped talking after that. I still talk to her, and she still seemed interested.
I asked her out and she said she loves me, im great to talk to, etc., but now isn't a good time for her. Maybe in a few weeks.

So now its been a month and a half. She will go hot and cold with me a lot. One week, she likes me, the nedt, she is distant.

Im at the point where i need to make my feelings known, but i do not want to come off as needy or desperate.

I do have other options, and she knows it, but i like her the most and want to give it a shot.

This is what i am planning on telling her, face to face :

Its been a while, and I like being friends with you, but I want us to be something more.
I was an idiot not to talk and get to know you better last year, and now I know how great a girl you are. I still want to go out on that date and give it a shot.
You know i like you, and i get things may be complicated and all, but I need to know how you feel...

So what response is this likely to evoke from her, and what else can i do to ensure i get the date?
I can't keep playing game with her. How do I straight up tell her about my feelings?
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