Just want to share how pathetic I am?

Girl spent two days trying to get my attention in the library, I finally approached her with her friends with a clear intention to meet her. We exchanged a couple of lines and I left. Today she came again, I joined her in the study room and well we studied, basically in silence for several hours (literally said less than 10 sentences each). I didn't want to distract her and myself as we both were to have finals later this week, plus her friends joined us later. At the end she looked a bit put off. I asked if she planned to show up there again, grabbed my cell about to ask for her number and literally just put it back on the table. Now I feel like a moron


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  • Just ask her to hang out somewhere else you can talk, and just tell her that, "Hey sorry for not talking that much, I really needed to study for finals but hey, we should hang out for real and go do _______, are you free?"

    • thanks man! what you are saying makes perfect sense. However, I probably won't see her again and I'm not all that crazy about her either tbh (that's why I clearly prioritized my exam), but I like her enough to make a move if she does show up. Seriously though, they only reason I didn't ask for the number is I didn't feel we had developed enough connection yet (i. e. we simply haven't talked enough)

    • Yeah I get you bro, if she isn't anything worth pursuing that makes total sense, but if you think she is worth pursuing then totally go for it!

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