Please Help. How To Not Come Off To Strong?

So there’s this girl that I believe has been hitting on me for a while. We play the same sport and position. I didn’t realize she was hitting one me until 2 weeks ago and when I went through my memory I remember subtle things she did from a while back that I didn’t notice because my mind was somewhere else then. Now I want to tell her how I feel but I can’t see her because I’m on school break (college). Help Please.


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  • add her on social media if you haven't
    if she accept you can send her message to hang/play that sport...

    • Yeah but we live in different states.

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    • try to be as casual as possible... like hey how are you?
      whats up? what are you doing... like same what you would talk abtt to someone you want to befriend

    • Okay thanks

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