What do you think this guy is doing?

We started as just going to be a one night stand but ended up having fun and continued to talk and hang out kinda friends with benefits. Was sure of it that he wasn't a fuck boy but I reckon he wants to be if you know what I mean.

He ended up hooking up with someone else which resulted in me deleting him from my life only because he did it in front of me but he says he didn't know I was there.

3 weeks later and I get the biggest apology from him and we ended up getting back to how we were.

Ever since he's been coming down to see me (we live 3 hours apart) which he never did before. Even just for the night which I find weird. He's also kinda clingy now and always wants to see me
The only reason I'm still talking to him is because I wanna be a bitch and hook up with some guy in front of him coz I know it'll hurt him and then never speak again

he says we'll never be together but if he were a fuck boy would he drive 3 hours just to spend the night with me?


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What Guys Said 2

  • All I'll say is this, you dont need to stoop down to his level and do what he did to you.
    doesn't matter if we think he is a fuck boy or not because you are probably not gonna believe what others have to say.

  • I dont think you are healthy or mature enough to be pursuing a relationship.
    Your language and the way you talk about your lover and your desire to humiliate him like he did to you, will only serve to degrade your character.

    I think you should break things off with him and forget abut him.


What Girls Said 1

  • Cut him out of your life. Getting even with him will not make you feel better in the long run. Move on with a guy who'll respect you and want a future with you indefinitely. He's already shown he's not serious about you by hooking up with another girl and his actions of coming over isn't because he cares now, he just wants to fuck and get you to be attached to him again. He doesn't want to lose your attention. What could be the best thing to do that would make him hurt is by simply moving on and cutting him out of your life. No point in trying to hook up with a guy in front of him 'cause trust me he won't care


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