Why do women constantly feel inferior to me?

I’m 26 and have never dated and something I notice is a lot of women feel inferior to me like they will say I don’t deserve you and you should be with a girl who could give you the love you want. The thing is I’m not rich or anything super I’m just a regular guy I’m polite I’m respectful, I’m loyal, hardworking


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  • Polite rejecting maybe.

    • Well her last boyfriend was abusive and the one before him put her in the hospital

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    • Who do you mean with her?

    • Yeah both of he previous ones but like I said one put her in the hospital and the most recent was more verbally abusive and made her feel like dirt

What Guys Said 2

  • Ugh, I hate this. It's happened to me too. It's the biggest pain in the world Because you might like someone and then they say no because that think you're too good for them. They count themselves so low and it's honestly a girl thing dude. Every... Single... Girl... Thinks they aren't pretty, especially during your teen years and just after. Women are very self concious

  • I'm on the same boat...

    • I think they've been with just bad partners, maybe picked up their habits, and feel like you're something totally special. Which probably makes them almost intimidated?

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    • I don’t hold back sometimes I say it’s too late to change if your in the ground

    • Yeah, we just got to hope for the best, but expect the worst

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