How do I ask a girl out?

I have liked this girl a lot for a while now and I want to ask her out. She was in a relationship before but they have split up. Its been a while since and I can't bare it anymore. PLEASE HELP!


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  • Hi I know you are not ready yet. And this is wrong timing but I would like you to know that I like you ever since. And I've been dying to get to know you better.

    (After a while without reply)
    If you ever feel like you want to vent out on someone or someone you can talk your problems with, Ill be willing to listen.

    And so on.


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  • It really depends on the girl. Get close to her by helping her out and offer if you can help/if she wants to talk to someone. If she doesn't want to talk to you try convince her it's good to talk about it, if she insists try something else but if she opens up to you you listen to what she has to say, shit talk her ex with her where appropriate, and just start gradually getting flirtier, if you get a bit of a response back this is good and you might be able to start talking to her about the possibility of you two together

  • At your age? Setup a group activity with your friends, a movie or something (try and make it male and female). Plan on going out anyway. So that when you speak to her, start with a hi, ask what she’s been up to, and hopefully when she asks you, you can be enthusiastic about your plans, but then invite her. Do it like it’s an afterthought, as if you’d never even thought of it. If she says no, there’s your answer. If she says yes, awesome. Social interaction with a girl you like has been organised. If she’s not sure, be cool, don’t plead. Just say that it’s cool, and why don’t you call her the day before and if you want to go, awesome. At least then you have her number. If she says “I’ll call you” it’s code for she’s not interested, but didn’t want to be a dick about it. Again, be cool. Just remember she’s unlikely to be the love of your life.


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