A guy that has more girls as friends?

Ladies when you are interested in a man, and you find out he has more girl friends than guy friends, what is the first thing that enters your mind and why?


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  • How many of them are his ex's? And why doesn't he have more guy friends? Mostly because in my case don't have anmlot of guy friends that aren't ex's. And if all his friends are girls why doesn't he get along with guys


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  • He's a faggot obviously. How hard is it to add 1+1...

    • Just because a man has more female friends doesn't make him gay. That's an uneducated answer.

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    • Lmao. Highschool was when you realize

    • I have 29 years of life and I have seen men have more girl friends than guys. Vice versa with women. I just think it's whoever they get a long with better. Not the fact that they are gay. That's being a stereotype.

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