How to ask girl out without insulting her?


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  • I don't think a gril could be insulted by a guy asking her out. She may reject you but why should she be insulted? If you don't want to scare her away just suggest something casual like hanging out with other people or helping her with something etc.


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  • -Be interested in her, not only her body (she's not a bag of meat.
    -Be sure there is no professional / hierarchic / authority interference between the two of you.
    -Take into account the context : some moments are just not made to hit on people, and it depends a lot on the person you're trying to ask out.
    -Accept rejection with a smile, respect and without insisting.

    Those are the 4 rules I can think of right now... If you follow them things will should be all right, but of course I'm willing to hear more suggestions, especially from women and feminists ^^

    • Oh and yeah, 5th one : no actual insults of course or disrespectful comments

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  • Ask for a reason, for example buying a book, doing some businesses and things like that, and when you finished your stuff ask her to have a coffee or shake-chockolate or things like that with you (and you should pay of course), Then return to your houses, Next time you can invite her to a restaurant or theater or concerts, The la la la la, you are in a great relationship, I ensure you it works.

  • How could it be insulting to be asked out? It’s always a compliment.

    • Clearly you've never been a girl. It happens really often.

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    • Yeah, that's a very good example. And they are sooo many fake weirdos nowadays !
      You can imagine how it might feel insulting or scary ^^

    • It's not about beeing scared, It's about insulting

  • How is asking a girl out , insulting? Do you say awkward things when trying to ask them out?


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