Girlfriend stays back at school for no concrete reason?

My girlfriend finished her exam yesterday and was supposed to be home today. I asked why and she says her campus pastor wants them to stay till Monday for a reason she hasn't told me. I don't want to ask too much questions to make it seem I'm nagging. What do I do?


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  • Option 1: I would say just be yourself. If you want to ask her for more details you should do it. If she gets mad because she feels like
    having to tell you everything you should be honest and tell her that you are a little insecure and that it's not because of her, but because of you. It just sounded weird to you that she has to stay, because you expected her earlier.
    Option 2: Just insult the campus pastor like "This *** pastor, i miss you. What is he forcing you to do?" I don't know, something like that just use your words. Then you hope that she's going to tell you.

    Honestly i would prefer Option 1 but thats just me.


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