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Okay, so I’m posting this because I probably need a quick kick to the pants to knock some sense into me. There’s this guy I’ve been seeing for about a year now, and our communication has always beeen fine, even great. A week ago his brother bought him a trip to Mexico. He texted me the first few days from there, and then stopped. His last text was about how he had just gotten a job interview and was going to tell me about it. No fight or anything. And he hasn’t texted me back since then, a few days ago.

Normally this wouldn’t really bother me, and I don’t want to make a big deal about it, because he’s on vacation and I want him to have a good time and enjoy himself. Howeve, I noticed he’s been on Facebook, posting things and responding to other people. So now I just feel confused and ignored. This is the first time something like this has happened. I’m supposed to go stay with him and his parents in a month, and I haven’t heard anything different, so I would assume everything is okay, but I hate feeling this ignored and I don’t know what to do about it. Any advice?


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  • Don't read too much into the situation. Vacations change the entire way to deal with the world. Even for several days after, you can feel like someone else. If it's been good and you don't have any real reason to think there is an issue, be patient.

    • Be patient, as in don’t text him until/if he decides to contact me?

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    • Ahhhh! You made my day. I wish everyone was as kind!!

    • Well, I know somewhere there is a person who has the clone of your soul. Every time I talk to someone like you, it not only makes me feel good but gives me hope that I will some day find her.

      What I would really like to do is find a strategy partner for lack of a better term. Anyway, a friend in the enemy camp of the dating scene so we can trade favors and help each other find someone just like themselves. Maybe it wouldn't help but this is what gives me all of my self confidence!

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  • Lots of variables in this situation which, without knowing more, make it hard to give great advice. Personally I couldn't see myself ignoring my partner for days in this scenario. If you can find a way to post on fb, you can find the time for a courtesy check in message. Having said that, could be other factors that explain it all and you're worrying for no reason 😊 Is fb just a better medium to contact him through vs text?

    • Maybe, even though the one time I sent him a message through Facebook he never read it. It’s always been through WhatsApp or text. And before it’s been he’ll read a text but not respond for a day or two, whereas now he hasn’t even read them. For me it just feels like going straight from hot to cold, which is super confusing.

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    • It’ll have been a little under a week and a half in total... does that help? I know it sounds crazy to worry after that short of a time, what’s really driving me crazy is responding to other people while leaving me hanging, especially since he’s NEVER done this before. But yeah since I’ll see him in a month I don’t want to overreact like a crazy person. I’ve already texted a couple of times since then, to no response, so I guess I’ll just wait it out from here...

    • You're not crazy 😊 and you shouldn't have to live in worry. Might just need a discussion around expectations going forward once he does contact/you are together in person. Hope it all works out!

  • Well, part of that is your own insecurity. Be patient and don't worry about it.

    • THanks, I know :) I’ve just never been ignored for this long so it’s confusing. Thank you :)

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    • Oh it’s fun definitely not cool. making plans to meet up with friends at a restaurant when he gets back, but not even saying hi back to me? But thanks, I’ll keep that in mind

    • Texts might not be making it, and he's thinking the same thing

  • Firstly get in touch with him.
    Open urself more, have discussion, ask him why going on in his life

    • Hahaha that would be lovely if he would actually SAY something. I will when/if he gets back in touch.

    • Why u waiting for him to take d first step...
      Why don't u approch him and be proactive

    • I think maybe I’m not being clear. He texted me, so I texted back, to no response. I’ve tried using regular text and Facebook message in case the Whatsapps weren’t getting through (my phone HAS been acting weird lately), again to no response. So I have been proactive, but now I think I have to wait a bit because if I keep sending texts without responses I’ll be a crazy person.

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