Why love isn't enough to have a relationship?

I like a girl and I asked her to be my girlfriend so she said she felt the same about me but she also felt she didn't know me well so she teller me "I would say yes but I think we don't know each other well" so we decided to wait. She said once that she needs to rganize some things in her life to have good relationship with me and then I lied to her so she had doubts again. And we have been two months in which sometimes she say she wants to be with me and to have a serious relationship and to tell her parents and then she says she she wants to be with me but but but she always says but and a week before she telled me to end this over because we are not mature enough to have a relationship and then I telled her that I don't want to loose her and she telled me that she stills want to be with me and that we had to talk and I asked her to talk and she was like oh I don't want problems right now so we're not talking about that.
Why love isn't enough guys? What would you do?


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  • She may not be ready. Or she's trying to tell you she's not interested but without saying it straight up.
    If you're not interested in waiting around for her, move on. You can always stay friends with her

    • We have tried to be friends but we're always through uncomfortable situations and our friends are always bothering us. Thanks for your opinion 😀

    • Well your friends need to grow up and respect y'alls choices.
      And yeah no worries, anytime:)

    • Thanks!

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