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My boyfriend and I have been together for about two months. We don't hang out everyday, and when we do it's like we don't know what to do besides put on the tv. I mean we have fun and were always laughing and talking too- not just zoned in. But it can seriously get to like 8 hours and I think both of us are afraid to suggest something else. Maybe if I had some good/fun ideas id step up and suggest them.! What do you guys do with your other?


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  • You could suggest going out to see a movie. I find that just getting out to a mall always helps. Then you can go out to dinner as well and even window shop a little. I also love going to a place like Gameworks where there's so many games and stuff to play. That will keep you occupied for a long time. Other ideas.going to the pool, ice skating, put putting. there are so many options. hope this helps!

  • Lol. My boyfriend and I have been together for well over a year and we still hang out in front of the TV - a lot (with a movie in though, because I really don't like TV.).

    But yeah, it does get kind of old after a while. so. other things we do:

    -Drive-in/Movies (we do like those movies.)


    -Paddle Boating!

    -Hiking (we're cheap, can you tell?)


    -Cook Dinner Together

    -Video Games

    -Mall Browsing

    -Trips to different places

    -Museums! I don't like them and he doesn't like them, but it seems like they're sooo much better when you have your significant other there to discuss everything with.

    So, yeah, there's a couple ideas. Good luck! =) I wish there was a "subscribe to thread" button here, because I'll definitely be back to check out other people's answers.

    PS -- next summer, we're planning on picking up spelunking

    • Thanks so much these are great ideas I can't wait to try them and see!!

    • No problem! Like I said, I'm really interested to see other ideas as well!