Girls, if a guy told you what he was able to offer as attributes, if you was to date him, would you date him and give him a chance or not?

If a guy said he could offer these things in a relationship, would you give him a chance?
If you was on a date/ getting to know him in whatever way.

Even if he's not what you concider 'attractive', but average looking or so in your opinion, but a nice guy in genral. (If your friends or not friends with him).

This is what I have to offer myself basically.
But I've never been on a date or had a girlfriend, and I feel like girls (NOT ALL) only seem to go for 'looks' over everything else, and yes, some guys also do the same, but not all of us do, like me for example, I go for what I like, regardless of what others will think/ say about them.

The list:

Protection/ protective
Mental/ financial support (depends on the situation/ and what aspect of mentallity).
100% commited to you, and you only!

Or does these even matter any more, and do girls even look for these in a guy, or is it just 'looks' they go for?


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  • Yea girls love that stuff. Some just can't see past the physical attributes and don't take the time to really get to know a person

    • I wish they would take the time to know a guy like me...

      I don't have a chance, every guy to me is like compitition when it comes to 'looks'...

      I guess I'm the nice guy who finish last, if I'm lucky to even finish anywhere for that matter...

      I guess I don't have a chance at all at this rate...

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    • I have confidence, but they don't approach me, it has to be my looks that put them off, I doubt it could be anything else tht would.

      But I'd prefer it if they did approach, then that way I know she is intrested rather than it seeming like I'm staring/ perving at her.

      Cause when I do approach them, or try to at least, they ignore me or walk away, but at the same time, I'm insecure and shy until I get comfortable around them, but they never stick around long enough.

    • I'm sorry to hear that 😔

  • I would


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