Curfew/Plans Madness?

Here's some scenarios..
Just give me your opinions.
I'm 17
Say we go out, I ask her father what time he would like her to be home.. Mind you, it's 4:30 right now, On the weekend.

He says. "Eight"
Her mom chimes in the background, "Ten"
And we left.. We got back and he was a fairly irritated.
But in saying one word, it was almost like he was joking?
On a Friday night, home at 8? Right?
We went out for dinner and a movie another time.
He texted asking what time she'd be home.
We looked at the clock, and judging by the time it would be around 10.

So, she texted back saying, "around 10, maybe a little bit later."

I pulled into the drive way at 10:06.
I was driving slower than normal because the roads are curved and there are deer everywhere.

He was pissed, I mean livid, and wanted to change her non existent curfew to 10. Because around ten, but little bit later.. means 10 on the dot..


Her mom works in town.
It's a thirty minute drive back to her house.
Forty from mine...
I said hey, "Hey, how about I just drop you off when your mom gets off at 9:15, so you're home early and don't have to worry about curfew..

Her mom, said how stressful that makes things, and how difficult it was.

EVEN though, we stood at her car. And when she got off work they left.
I didn't ask her to drive anywhere, I met her there. Why should she be mad?
She says "The curfew is 10"

Does that freaking mean be home AT 10?
Can I not get her home before?
Jesus, I don't understand.

Another thing they get pissed about, is me "changing the plans"

If I say, "we're gonna head over to my place and hangout, maybe go for a bite to eat."

That's wrong. That's not an exact plan.
We either are eating or we aren't.
And where at, because they need to know five hours prior. Ffs..
I was taking her home once, and had to stop for gas, when I realized I wouldn't be able to get there and back without running out.
They were mad that I changed the plan... To get gas... What the actual hell..
Curfew/Plans Madness?
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