Should I wait for her?

Our relationship was amazing and she broke up with me. She initially told me that she was stressed and loved me and was hard but she had to be alone. I later found out she liked another guy. I confronted her on it and she said she kinda likes him. Like a fantasy crush but she feels he would never like her. She knows he won’t treat her well like I do. She said she still has feelings for me and cares about me a lot. She broke up because she felt it wasn’t fair to me even if it was a small liking. I said she should listen to her feelings. I said she should give up on him and come back to me. I told her to make a decision and she said she will. She knows I’m waitkng for her.


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  • Don't wait move on and if you want to wait just don't stay for too long you may end up heart broken if you stay


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