Do you think he will call me?

We went on our first date last night and we clicked off bat and he took me to the mall and grabbed my hands and after that, you would have thought we were together because we were constantly affectionate with each other. Later we went to get something to eat then went to the movies and he later wanted to spend a night at my place. I was feeling him so much, I didn't mind, Throughout the night, he kept saying he feels comfortable with me and that there is a vibe and that I will be his and I said the same. WE massaged each others' back last night and fell asleep (No Sex), woke up at 830am this mourning and laid in bed and talked then for the day. Do you think he will call? I asked him to text me when he got hm and its been almost 2 hours and have not heard from him. You think its a bad sign?

He still has not texted, guys. Its been 5 hours now. Is it a bad sign that he wanted to leave so early at 830am? I mean, I'm started to feel like he has lost interest somehow.
I just texted him "Hey Babe' 10 minutes ago and still got nothin. Am I trippin, or is he just not that into me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • no that's not a bad sign, he really likes you to do all that on a first date, he made it clear what he wants...

    • I haven't heard from him since I saw him this mourning and I texted him once and never responded. He told me that he had nothin planned to day. I wonder if he changed his mind...

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  • No its not a bad sign,i think he really likes you if he said all that on a first date.

    • Well its 12:42pm and he still has not texted me. He left at 8:30pm this mourning. Why would he leave so early?