A girl who likes me wants to buy me something for Christmas?

I like this girl and she likes me I told her what I want (xbox one controller/live subscription) and she wants a book/jewelry. I don't have a ton to spend on gifts cause I moved recently. Should I regift some jewelry I got for my mom but she didn't want/need and get her some flowers with a nice note or good all out and try to get everything she told me? She is ok if she spends more on me than I do supposedly.


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  • A bookis much more thoughtful than regifting your mother’s jewelry.

    • Even if she never wore it? She even said she would regift it given the chance since she has no use for it

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    • Even then. That’s just laziness on your part. The whole point of giving a gift to a friend or a partner is to get them something that made you think of them and that you think they’ll enjoy. If you just give out jewelry that you didn’t even pick out yourself, you’re showing her that you don’t really give two shits about her. Just about saving money.

    • Ok I can agree with that.

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