This girl I like?

There 'so this girl I really like and i' my pretty sure she likes me too but we're both not really experienced I relationship and are both a bit scared. Any advice? And if it's "just go for it" a little detail would be appreciated thanks a lot !


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  • Tell her that you like her, but not on some social media cause it we’ll get awkward believe me lol. Tell her when you and her are alone together and cause both of you haven’t experienced relationships before I suggested you take the relationship step by step so you don’t rush it.

  • Ok not quite "just go for it" but what have you got to lose? Just because neither of you have experience doesn't mean you can't take a risk. Being scared is a natural thing, so don't put too much pressure on yourselves.

    Maybe go out with a group of you so it isn't so focused attention and intense, or if you do want to go on a date do something relaxing i. e. bowling, play pool, crazy golf something fun and that you can both enjoy. A meal isn't for everyone and the cinema even though it can be a great for conversations after it may feel awkward and be a pain to find something to watch together

    • Thanks for the ideas! We've got like a school trip for a week, shud I ask her then or like try to get closer to her there and ask her back to school after, knowing that it's holidays over here after the trip so not sure i'dd be able to see her a lot then

    • I'd say after the trip would work better as it will help you figure out the situation more and asking being a viable option.
      And you can find time even if it's for one date.

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