Has a guy ever cancelled a date in the beginning stages of dating and at least cancelled maybe a day or two before and it’s worked out?

I went on 3 dates with a guy and he asked me at the end of the last date if i was free the following week. We didn’t discuss actual plan or day. He then didn’t actually ask me out until Thursday and said he would’ve asked me for Friday or sat but has two things planned with family and friends for his birthday and if I could do Sunday. I agreed i was free. Then the next day he apologizes and his family basically told him he is not free on Sunday so he asked for a rain check and if i can do the following week. I said sure no problem and he asks me if i’m mad. I said no don’t worry lol. He says good :) and tries to continue convo. I haven’t replied yet. We have talked everyday through text throughout the week and nothing has changed. He answers with the same speed as usual which is pretty fast. I’m insecure that i’m being breadcrumbed or strung along because he flaked and the fact that he asks me if i’m free the following week with no set day or plan and doesn’t ask me until Thursday. The prior date he asked me the day after date when i would be free. In his text with flaking he is not very specific as to what he has to do with his family and didn’t exactly decide to pick another day the following week to ask me. He justs says can i take a rain check next week. Not sure what to believe? I don't know if this weekend is just very busy for him because its his birthday weekend or he is flaking on me to see another girl.


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  • U should leave that fool i would have brought u to my familys house and show u off like billion dollar ring and i would never change plans that I made with you even if I was dying u should leave him and hit me up so can show off my queen


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