When is it a good time to tell your ex partner how you feel? What do you say? Or Do?

Is there a good time to tell your ex partner how You feel? I feel like we both are holding back and someone needs to make a move? What have you done to let someone know how you feel?


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  • My ex (technically still my wife) is mean and abusive. The time to tell her is when I will never see or hear her voice again. Until then I smile and try to do my best to not upset her.

    My other ex's I would like to be able to tell them how much I was in love with them if I ever get the chance.


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  • Tell them how you feel about what?

    • Like you love them and you want to make another go of things.

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    • That somewhat changes things. Are the children with you? I would definitely sit down with him if you have a baby on the way

    • Thanks for the MHO :)

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  • If its your ex u have to move on.
    U dont miss him/her u miss the fact of being with someone.
    Being with them didn't do it the 1st time.. So why will it now?

  • Never once an ex always an ex


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