Have you ever told a girl you've been talking to that you're going to find someone else?

I'e been talking to this girl for a while we've been on one date, but the problem is she just moves too slow for me. She has some insecurity issues and I've been patient with her but I think it's best if I just find another girl honestly. I don't ever like to leave someone hanging since that's what people do to me. I always like an explanation. Opinions?


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  • Have you talked to her about how you feel?

    • I've mentioned her insecurities, but haven't mentioned that I'm running out of patience.

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    • Just remember that most people are afraid to tell how they feel, out of fear of being rejected. If you are willing to let her go, don't leave out anything you think is important unsaid.

    • I really like this girls honestly, cause I've seen what's out there.

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