How do I get her back?

Long story short me and this girl were together about 4 months, towards the end of our relationship we fought constantly. About such dumb things. Never actually mad at eachother, just letting outside things effect us. She started listening to what other people were saying, and kind of generalized me that I was just gonna he like everyone else and didn’t really care about her and we are just going in circles and nothing was going to get better. She feels valued by when I tell her and show her how I feel, and I kind of stopped doing that the more comfortable we got, so she thought I was falling out of love for her. Which I wasn’t. Which in return her feelings started to slow down, 10 days ago this girl told me she loved me for the first time. And we haven’t spoken in two days, she’s basically said I’m to persistent. When my whole reason for being persistent is because that’s why I lost her to begin with, was because I wasn’t chasing her and telling her how I felt. We’ve been broken up for two weeks, a week and a half ago she said she loved me, and she said everything is so hard because she loves me. Yesterday was the first day we haven’t spoken, and she went on another date with some Walmart version of me. I know we are crazy about eachother, but I’m worried if I do or say anything it’s just gonna chase her away. But I don’t want her to think I just have given up and moving on to, but I’m afraid to text her or anything because I think she’s mentally exhausted. And using this rebound guy to patch how she really feels. What can I do.


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